Openreach 2025 big shutdown of PSTN will affect security systems using traditional wirings in the UK.

At Third Eye Security, we offer cutting-edge CCTV cameras to enhance your home's protection. With a variety of options from Analogue to IP CCTV Systems, we have everything you need to secure your home effectively.

Our CCTV Systems-

  1. IP CCTV: Experience high-resolution digital video with network connectivity for remote access.
  2. Analog CCTV: A cost-effective solution to your pre-existing security system by replacement of cameras and DVR which can provide up-to 4K resolution.
  3. Digital CCTV: High resolution cameras with remote access and video analytics feature to capture and transmit video signals.
  4. Wireless CCTV: Flexible and easy setup systems that use Wi-Fi or other technologies for communication.
  5. HD-CCTV (HD-SDI, HD-TVI, HD-CVI): High Definition (HD) CCTV systems transmit high-resolution video over coaxial cables.
  6. PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) CCTV: PTZ cameras perform Live monitoring and moving object tracking with its pan, tilt and zoom feature offering flexibility in monitoring large areas.
  7. Day/Night CCTV: Cameras that capture the best footage in any lighting condition.
  8. Thermal Imaging CCTV Systems: Thermal cameras use infrared technology to detect heat signatures, allowing them to capture images in complete darkness or through smoke and fog.
  9. 4K and Beyond Resolution: Clear and more detailed images for better identification of objects or individuals with cameras with 4K and higher resolution.
  10. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Analytics: AI incorporated CCTV systems with video analytics that offer features such as facial recognition, object detection, behaviour analysis, and automated alerts for specific events.
  11. Colorvu Cameras: Hikvision Colorvu cameras offer varied distinct features that include Full-Color Imaging in Low Light, High-Resolution Imaging, Supplemental Lighting, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). It also offers smart features like AI-based video analytics, facial recognition, and object detection for enhanced surveillance capabilities.

Stay ahead with advanced surveillance technology, including automatic number plate recognition and covert CCTV cameras. We also offer perimeter protection with CCTV systems linked to a monitoring station.

Maintenance is crucial for continuous effectiveness, and our qualified technicians conduct routine inspections, testing, and servicing. Trust our security engineers to keep your CCTV system running smoothly, ensuring efficient surveillance.

Choose Third Eye for advanced and reliable CCTV solutions, safeguarding your properties with ease.