CCTV Solutions For Your Home & Business

From highly visible, vandal proof cameras perfect for use as a deterrent, to tiny applications which can be used as a secret monitoring tool, Third Eye Security create systems highly tailored to you.


CCTV is your third eye, there to keep watch over your home even when you’re not around.


On the lower end of the spectrum, analogue CCTV systems record directly to your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) at a lower frame rate than their counterparts.


Our top of the line analogue systems are capable of recording images at 1000tvl – the highest possible resolution using this technology.


Simple to configure, easy to use and cost-effective all analogue systems can be viewed and managed remotely.


Providing you with Blu-ray quality recordings, 1080p CCTV systems are capable of providing outstanding image quality and capturing the finer details.


Where analogue may struggle to pick up a car registration plate or face from a distance, HD cameras overcome such issues. Giving you the ability to zoom without pixelation, you needn’t install cameras to focus on one given area.


Upgrading To HD CCTV


Cutting down on the number of cameras you need, HD CCTV records footage at an incredible 2.2 megapixels. If you are currently running on an analogue setup, it has never been easier to upgrade using your existing coax cabling, cutting the costs of installation dramatically.


The next generation of CCTV.

IP cameras come with all the advantages of the HD cameras and so much more! Cutting edge technology that can be linked to any smart-home interface, these systems more than double the image quality of HD recording images at 5 megapixels and 4K.


With lossless playback and extremely high resolution, IP CCTV systems can be integrated with a wide range of software solutions enabling people counting, license plate recognition and motion detection. The possibilities are practically limitless

All of these our systems can be standalone or linked to a monitoring station and combined with a wide range of equipment to ensure your home and business stay safe and secure.


With motion detection as standard, our CCTV systems have the faculty to be linked to your intruder alarm and can be viewed on your PC or smartphone from anywhere in the world.




Good design is at the core of any CCTV system.

Third Eye Security are the experts trained in the latest technology – so that they can help you choose the right cameras, locations and equipment to protect your assets.


Pan, tilt and zoom CCTV cameras are the ideal solution for monitored commercial properties.

Dome Cameras

Vandal proof, lightweight CCTV cameras perfect for ceiling or wall mounting.


Automatic number plate recognition cameras help detect, deter and disrupt criminal behaviour.

Bullet Cameras

Able to be mounted on walls and ceilings, bullet cameras come in a wide range of sizes and are a perfect visual presence to act as a deterrent.


Capable of being placed in detectors, clocks, wall plates and plant pots, covert CCTV cameras are the perfect monitoring tool.


Wherever you are on the planet, you can monitor your property in order to ensure everything is as it should be with our remote viewing platform.

Whether you want to find out who is vandalising your property, what your staff get up to, or provide additional protection for your vehicles and property, having a third eye is an invaluable resource.

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