Why Choose Our Police Monitored Alarms?

When you need the most stringent security measures, police monitored alarms are the ideal choice.


Connecting you directly with the police, they’re ideal for important commercial sites that need another level of protection. It will ensure the most rapid response available.


Third Eye Security can tailor alarm systems to meet your needs, whatever they might be. This includes a blend of several systems, so your property is protected in every way.


Highly recommended by our previous customers, Third Eye Security install alarms in a wide range of locations in Essex and London.


We can help you make the most of the latest technology, with the best innovative systems on the market today.


Third Eye Security have both police monitored alarms and those connected to a central monitoring system. Our team regularly install alarms at both domestic and commercial properties. If your alarms need repairs or maintenance, you can always rely on our expert team. We’re dedicated to protecting you and your residents at all times.


Based in Uxbridge, we are one of the leading security companies in the local area.


If you’re looking for police monitored alarms, contact our team at Third Eye Security today.  

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