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State-of-the-Art Door Entry Systems In West London

Most companies in London now have a door entry system to ensure only those qualified to do so can enter.


They’re also increasingly popular at private homes, especially those based in London owned by those are frequently away for work.


Third Eye Security installs the latest door entry systems on properties across West London. We install security systems on residential and commercial properties all over London and offer excellent maintenance packages for extra peace of mind.


Our door entry systems offer fully network integrated access control systems, which are the best way to keep your business secure.


Our range of options for access control includes RFID (radio frequency identification) operating proximity door lock, biometric access control systems using fingerprints or retina scans, or card readers. Whatever type of system you might be looking for, the chances are we can help.


We also offer stand-alone intercom systems which are ideal for anybody who can’t easily reach their front door.


Once your door entry system is installed, we can maintain it to the highest standards. If you’re not sure which system is right for your property, our expert team is happy to help.


If you need to improve your security in 2021, why not get in touch today?


0800 292 2169.

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