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Seer Green

Security Solutions for your Property in Seer Green


Third Eye Security supply and install security systems at both commercial and residential properties in a range of locations, including Seer Green.


Based in the Chiltern Hills, Seer Green in Buckinghamshire has been voted a ‘best-kept’ village and is an enchanting place to live. Naturally, you want to ensure your property is completely safe, whether you go away on holiday or to provide peace of mind at all times of the day.


Whether you’re thinking of having security lights, CCTV, a wired or wireless alarm system or a hybrid system installed, Third Eye Security can ensure your property is protected at all times.


We offer a choice of trigger responses including those linked to a central monitoring system, speech dialers and SMS notifications. You can also have police monitored alarms which are ideal for places which need the highest levels of security.

We also offer exceptional maintenance and servicing once your system is installed.


Third Eye Security also regularly install fire alarms to ensure you and your household are always safe.


If you need an alarm system installed in Seer Green, simply get in touch with our friendly team for more information today. 

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