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Quality Fire Alarms For Homes And Businesses

As you’ll be aware, a fire alarm is essential for the safety of all your household or employees. Legally, it’s essential you have this type of technology installed if you’re a landlord.


While they can be annoying when they go wrong, they can mean the difference between life and death. They also prevent costly damage to your home or business. Even if they don’t cause harm to any people, they can lead to a loss of possessions which can be devastating.


Fire alarms provide the earliest warning for dangers in your home, enabling you to act as quickly as possible. They’re particularly crucial at night time, which is when a vast majority of fires occur.


If you need to update your fire alarm systems this summer, simply contact our team at Third Eye Security.


Our qualified engineers can both install and repair fire alarms. Whatever the size of your building, we can install as many fire alarms as required, ensuring they’re all working at optimal levels.

Fire alarms are just one of the many types of technology we install. Third Eye Security also has the latest wired, wireless and hybrid alarms, CCTV and door entry systems.


If you need bespoke fire alarm systems for your property, contact our team at Third Eye Security today.

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