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Get In Touch For CCTV Installation Services In Gerrards Cross

Want to ensure CCTV is always keeping an eye on your site?

CCTV cameras not only capture criminals in the act, making it easier to identify them to the police; they can prevent trespassers attempting crime in the first place. The sight of the cameras is often an instant deterrent and prevents them from even attempting to steal items.

Highly useful for busy places like office car parks and popular residential areas, CCTV is capable of significantly reducing the risk of thefts.

With our HD CCTV systems, it’s easier than ever to film quality footage that captures those finer details.

This makes it much easier to identify things like registration plates and faces.

We also offer IP CCTV systems which offer all the advantages of HD but better! This cutting edge technology can be linked to any smart-home interface. This type of system will more than double the image quality of HD recording images at 5 megapixels and 4K.

You will be able to playback footage and enjoy an exceptionally high resolution.

If you need this type of installation in Gerrards Cross, Third Eye Security always provides the latest and more effective technology.

Find out more about our CCTV installation services in Gerrards Cross or drop us a line for more details.

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