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Need Fire Alarms Integrated With Your Security System?

Whether you need stand-alone or integrated fire alarm systems, Third Eye Security regularly installs this type of technology.


Our team is committed to keeping our clients safe with the finest quality fire alarm systems. We take this type of safety extremely seriously.


We can install this type of system at your home or business, with our customers including landlords who must install this type of system by law. Our engineers are always happy to offer advice on the right solution for your requirements.


Based in Uxbridge, we work in a wide range of locations and are true experts when it comes to security.


We can install wired, wireless and hybrid alarm systems in your property. Once your alarm is installed, our engineers can also provide you with a FREE fire safety checklist. This will help remind you of the right steps to take to minimise the risk of a fire.


Fire alarms are just one of the many security systems we install in and around Uxbridge. Our security alarm systems and CCTV technology are great ways to improve the security of property.


If you need to update your fire alarms, simply contact our team for more information. We’re always happy to offer impartial advice if needed.

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