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Need Fire Alarms Installed In Your Building?

Since October 2015, it’s been the law for landlords to have fire alarms installed in their properties. Regulations stipulate that alarms are to be installed on every level of the property and there must be a carbon monoxide alarm in any room containing a solid fuel-burning appliance.


This is also a requirement for commercial buildings, which must have one installed in each room along with the hallway.


However, it’s highly recommended you have fire alarms installed in any property, rented or private. Nowadays you can have fire systems which call the emergency services when smoke is detected, allowing you more time to get out.


Third Eye Security can install the latest and best fire alarms in your building.


Our fire alarms can be installed at home or businesses across Uxbridge and West London, with a huge choice to choose from. Our Fire Systems can either be integrated with your security system or even stand alone.


Why not call one of our engineers today for a FREE site survey? They can also provide a free fire safety checklist so you can make sure your building is safe.


0800 292 2169.

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