Home Security

In the modern era, making sure your home is well secured is becoming more of a priority by the year. Thankfully, beefing up your home security has never been easier, more affordable or more efficient.


Third Eye Security is here to ensure that your property remains safe and secure with bespoke systems designed to best suit your home. Ranging from pet friendly alarms to covert systems, we make sure that our tailored applications work around you.


Working hand in hand with modern alarm systems are the CCTV systems. We offer CCTV solutions for your home, ranging from highly visible, vandal proof cameras for perfect use as a deterrent, to tiny hidden cameras for secret monitoring.


We truly believe that CCTV is important to any heavy home security – CCTV is your third eye, there to keep watch over your home even when you’re not around.


If you would like to contact us to discuss your home security, please fill in the form on our site. Alternatively, email us on info@thirdeyesecurity.co.uk or call us directly on 0800 292 2169.

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