Do You Need CCTV Installed In Uxbridge?

Third Eye Security has both the latest CCTV systems and access control systems available to protect your property in Uxbridge.


Security systems have become ever more advanced in the past few decades.


The first-ever CCTV system was first installed during the Second World War in 1942. Noted German engineer, Walter Bruch, was responsible for the technological design and installation of such systems. These early CCTV surveillance systems involved constant monitoring since there was no way to record or store information.

Why have CCTV installed at your site in Uxbridge?


Contemporary CCTV technology now enables us to record and erase as we like, as well as using the internet to monitor footage at any time. This type of surveillance is an invaluable tool for crime prevention. CCTV has been found they are most effective in parking lots, where crime is decreased by 53%.


It can also be useful for industrial processes, traffic monitoring, transport safety and control of retail. The latter means retailers can monitor scanning of goods, the input or output of operators in the system, modification of documents, moving of goods, and changing of settings, reports and other official functions.


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